Air Max UK Sale Qianmosi: Had not heard showing tremendous enthusiasm carries out the thing of my contract options

Summer of in former years, showing tremendous enthusiasm is right Maliao – Qianmosi has team option, the yearly salary that he finishs sports season is 4 million dollar.

Can go up in the sports season summary tomorrow, the reporter mentions this achievement, say of money Mo Si: I return “ to did not hear team carries out the thing of my contract options, me dare certain we can hear what a few days in the futureAir Max UK Sale. ”

Today summer, bird person overcomes Reese – Anderson will become comfortable player, and thunder – Alan also has player option. Qianmosi expresses, it is OK that he hopes to make a team in good condition regression.

About the plan of summer, qianmosi states work of this department of person overall situation stays in Miami to train, the arrival that is next sports season makes good provision.

In addition, the reporter asks Qianmosi, thunder – Alan total final 3 minutes the 6th whether be in in those days with oneself can Sasina one ball is euqally crucial Cheap Air Max Shoes. To this, say of money Mo Si: I can say “ planish. ”

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